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Texas Public Energy Solutions (TPES) is a Texas nonprofit, political subdivision corporation. Our members are local governments and political subdivisions who want to benefit from an interlocal cooperation and superior strategic energy management solutions. TPES operates in accordance with Texas Government Code Title 7 Chapter 791 intergovernmental relations and interlocal cooperation contracts.

TPES utilizes the experience and knowledge of Acclaim Energy Advisors, LTD. to deliver objective-based energy supply and related services for our members. Acclaim provides energy-consulting services throughout the United States, so our members benefit from the broad and relevant experience they have developed since 2003.

Currently, Acclaim serves over 500 commercial, institutional and industrial clients, has an impressive 97% client retention rate and manages over $2.5 billion of its client’s energy spend, most importantly, they have provided their clients with over $700 million in savings.

Acclaim’s experience in the public sector is vast, assisting approximately 270 public entities with 470 electric and natural gas contracts, across 5,557 meters, serving 11.9 million MWH’s and 1.1 million Deka Therms over the terms of the contracts.

  • 500+

    Clients Under Contract

  • 270+

    Public Entities

  • 97%

    Customer Retention

  • $2.5 billion

    Spend Under Management

  • $700 million

    in Client Savings

  • 5,550+

    Meters Under Management, Serving 11.9 Million MWH’s

procurement compliance

Our members benefit from timely and relevant price formation strategies and retail agreements that are compliant with governmental purchasing codes and requirements.

ensures agressive competition among retail electrical providers

Our process is fully transparent and ensures that each member receives competitive offers from pre-qualified energy providers, satisfying your energy requirements in the most cost-effective manner.

superior contract terms

Through TPES, member’s access contracts with the top energy providers that include contract provisions designed to minimize your risk, increase transparency, and that are tailored to fit your needs and compliance requirements.

energy management

By collaborating with Acclaim Energy, TPES members also access a variety of energy management solutions for a comprehensive and sustainable energy plan that will serve you well today and into the future.

Demand Management
  • 4CP Notification strategies which result in significant utility cost reductions
  • Demand Side Management Program and Demand Response Program expertise that will enable you to thoughtfully access funds that are available for your organization.
  • Energy Efficiency/Energy Management Solutions can help you reduce energy consumption by utilizing existing or new equipment allowing you to operate in the most cost-effective manner.
Sustainability and Renewable Energy
  • Evaluation of onsite and utility scale renewable solutions to determine the best options, feasibility, and understanding/negotiating the proposed renewable structures.
  • Integration of renewable supply that correlates with your Retail Contract ensuring your entity is not assessed any penalties.
Streamline Administration of matters that are important to you including direct interaction with your REP and Utility.
  • Coordinate Adds/Deletes for your new and existing accounts with your REP to obtain the most favorable results with respect to market conditions and your contract terms.
  • TDSP (Utility) Tariff Review for billing errors and tariff reduction opportunities that will improve your operating expenses.
  • IDR Meter Analysis Service to find and correct usage anomalies and improve operating costs for your largest meters.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting, so your organization will know what to expect with regards to future energy costs.
Strategic Price Formation Plan

A specific actionable approach to secure the best prices available in the market place in conjunction with favorable terms, fulfilling your organization’s contract goals and objectives.

Local Presence

For over 15 years, our team has successfully helped School Districts, Municipalities / Municipal Utility Districts (MUD), Counties, Colleges, and other political subdivisions, through the ever-changing energy landscape and delivered customized solutions that have created long-term value.

Our team of energy experts are Texas born and bred, with a deep-rooted understanding of energy management, risk management, finance, technology, and supplier contract needs, so we are able to provide a wide range of services to drive unparalleled energy procurement and energy consumption reductions.

Many of our TPES team members live and work in or around your surrounding communities, this allows us to meet with you in person and keep abreast of developments within your organization. In addition, it enables us to stay aligned with your needs, and make recommendations to seize new opportunities when appropriate throughout the term of your contracts.

Tailor-made to serve your governmental needs

Whether you are an Independent School District, City, County, State College or University, Water District, State Agency, or any other type of political subdivision or local government, you can feel confident that you have the most experienced energy team and systems working for you and your community.

TPES is a non-profit political subdivision corporation, designed to help local governments and political subdivisions to reduce their energy costs and manage their energy usage more efficiently. Through our deep-rooted understanding of the wholesale and retail energy markets, we can provide strategic price formation plans, appropriate risk management strategies, negotiate supplier contracts, and leverage potential aggregation pools to create greater savings for your organization. When you work with TPES, you gain the experience and knowledge of seasoned industry leaders who know how to create a competitive landscape and where suppliers bring their best offers, so you get to enjoy unparalleled results.

The founders of TPES believe in a customer-centric culture, this means we are always going to be aligned with your needs, offer full transparency, and provide pricing and vendor options that will create long-term value for your organization. What’s more, we stay with all our members through the term of their agreements to ensure you get the savings and service you were promised.

Explore our full range of energy services on and see how we can assist your local government and or political subdivision with its energy needs.

TPES serves
  • School Districts
  • Municipalities and Municipal Utility Districts (MUD)
  • State Agencies
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Counties
  • Public Hospitals
  • Other local governments & political subdivisions