Energy Management Testimonials

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As a major user of energy, it is critical that we proactively manage and measure its use, costs, and opportunities for savings. With the impact of energy deregulation in Mexico, we realized we could benefit from some expert advice, to help us successfully embrace the new rules and protect our business when it comes to reliability, compliance, contracting and savings. As we started on our journey to manage energy more strategically, Acclaim Energy was referred to us as experts in helping businesses in deregulated markets. Their responsiveness, experience, and knowledge enabled us to move expeditiously to understand more fully our obligations under the new regulations, identify better ways to mitigate risks and identify options to save that we would not have discovered on our own. What we found refreshing is that they were totally aligned with our needs, transparent and thorough. In fact, they are going to verify our bills every month to ensure we get the savings promised. Acclaim is a solid business partner!

Administrative & Finance Director, Grupo LM

When it comes to effectively managing electricity, it takes skill and expertise, and Acclaim came through in a big way. They walked us through the process from A-Z, coaching us on what we needed to know and providing recommendations on what decisions needed to be made and when. I think the biggest difference is that they looked out for our interest and not that of the supplier. Their transparency and unbiased approach helped us obtain the best deal for our business.

COO, Large Industrial Company

As a large user of power, we were skeptical to work with a consultant to optimize our energy portfolio, but Acclaim was highly recommended by other businesses we knew. They put a comprehensive process in place that really helped us look at multiple options and get to the right answer for our business in a relatively short period of time. They helped create more value for our business than we thought possible.

CFO, Industrial Park

2018 was expected to be a good year for our business, but we underestimated the impact of deregulation on electric rates and our bottom line. We are in the Hospitality industry, with operations all over the country, so it was a challenge understanding the rules, contract terms, rates, etc. I learned about Acclaim at a seminar and they did an outstanding job for our business. We were lucky we chose a company that had the experience and relationships to protect our earnings.

CEO, Manufacturing Company

My business needed help with managing our energy portfolio. I didn’t want to work with a firm only focused on the transaction, but a team that would stand by us through the length of the agreement to ensure we got the savings and benefits we agreed to. So far, I am delighted with our decision to work with Acclaim Energy. They really understand customer service and are very proactive in keeping us up to speed on any market changes that could affect our business.

Senior Vice President, Wholesale Distribution Centers